Good-Old Google Domains

I switched my domain to google domains, for a BETA program from google it’s a good bet some of you did as well. While I am generally a cautious person when it comes to BETA programs from anyone, I had heard about this for a while and said heck, I can stick with them for 60 days (Once you trasnfer your domain is locked for 60 days at the new registrar), how hard can DNS be?

So far, I am eagerly impressed. The integration points with current Google services is great, no complaints and something touted by Google. Additionally the wizard for the conversion, finding all my DNS (A, MX, SRV, TXT) records and importing them made everything a cinch. I later transferred my mail and the conferencing I never had to Office 365, but that’s another post. In the end, the transition was easy, the console is well laid out. I did have some trouble with SRV records for lync, but I quickly figured out the formatting they required.

Your probably wondering why should I move? The answer is don’t yet, let Google and others work off that “New Car Smell” for a few months. It’s going to offer you no greater advantage right now than a GoDaddy especially when you are likely getting all your services from them. I would say if this is a service Google starts putting effort behind, I expect to see additional features added as with most of their other services. Plus, it’s another way to get information out of you to help sell to you!

Here are some screenshots of the management pages you will likely see.

Domain Portal Home

Website Integration

Email Forwarding

DNS – DNS Servers

DNS – Registered Hosts

DNS – Synthetic Records

DNS – Custom Resource Records



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