I’m Back?

Since I started my blog years ago (Only actually posting content recently) I found I can look back and get this information in a publicly and easily found place. This is due to the fact that the IT world is ever changing, and no matter if you keep “things” to yourself (You know who you are), they eventually get out there and why not make it easier for the next person. I know, doing the right thing is time consuming, look at all those words.

With that, I am going to do my best posting the great fun I have at work adding an appropriate sarcastic comment here and there, or all over.. With two kids+wife+job+life I find it hard to get all I want to say written down at the best time. I think I do a good job of it, and if not, well translate this page to Spanish, it may sound better in your head…

I ask that if you have something to say, please do, I welcome it.



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