SharePoint 2016, woot!

Published via blog post today (Link), you can all rest easy knowing another on-premise version of SharePoint is coming. Based on the following from the article, I can’t even guess what their plans are, maybe fixing their backup and restore feature…

“It has been designed, developed and tested with the Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy at its core, drawing from SharePoint Online. With this, SharePoint Server 2016 will offer customers enhanced, flexible deployment options, improved reliability and new IT agility, enabled for massive scale.”

In the next paragraph they also mention hybrid, ladies and gentlemen, this is where Microsoft is going. My guess at this point is local deployment for future deployment to Office 365 or the cloud. Yes, I like this idea, however due to the amount of customization of SharePoint I have seen in previous projects this may be not the save all for everyone.

In the end, hoping to have a career a few more years…


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