I sometimes get perplexed, why is it I decide to check out facebook or other social media outlets (like blogging, blah) instead of training? I came to the realization that I need focus and more than a 10 minute outlet to kick start the left side of brain. Plus, a little “dumb” gives me a mental break.

After that much needed mental break it’s now time to study. Ew is the way I would describe that word. Sitting and listening or reading to coherent dribble for hours on end doesn’t sit right with me. I am a “do-er”, I like the experience and to learn on my own. But even not-so-smart people like me need training, especially if your learning a new technology such as Hortonworks Hadoop.

Now, on with the show! I found training can be all over the place, good and bad, in class or online, content is current or not. With trends today and how you best learn will all  depend on where you will end up. Myself, I am just too busy to get to a class during the day, now of course that is no excuse for myself since if I want something I need to go for it. I used to say at a previous employer, “If there were only 32 hours in a day”. Online training is my best chance to get training in, at my own pace and when I have time. I listed some popular sites or ones friends have tried or mentioned to me. Most of these are more developer focused, pluralsight I believe has the best all around base.

Microsoft Virtual Academy


Myself, I have tried them all, I tend to migrate back to PluralSight for a few reasons.

– They have infrastructure training…
– Real world examples
– Focus on curriculum(?)
– Cheap

The remaining I have tried from a single training session to a few courses. They are all great for what they provide. I would suggest, when you are actually ready, to give the free trail a chance. Just don’t signup, disregard until the night before and get disappointed, be ready! Focus! And be the best you can be!

And just to add, nothing is like real world experience!



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