SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities

Yeah, I spoke in front of people. I was asked if I would speak at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities, discuss options and recommendations on Cloud vs. On-Premises, what works, what doesn’t, blah.. blah… blah. I did my research, made some awesome visio diagrams, charts and graphs. In the end I felt even though I spoke for 30 minutes, it was a success and wasn’t nerve racking in the end. I have always felt comfortable speaking to people, it’s in my nature. And honestly, people get nervous, screw up, say the wrong thing and I am sure I did the same. However, I did enjoy my time at SPSTC.

As always, I got to work with an awesome team of peers. Without them, I don’t think I would have succeeded. As a whole, I feel we got the information everyone was looking for with success.



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