ML110 G6, Please Don’t Die

In a recent post I talked about my purchase of a ML110 G6. Well, purchase is a strong word, I would call it free as it appears to be the result of a known “bug” with these machines where they just fail / die / power off  without notice or event. Great, I found a winner… The replacement server I received has been rock solid, so let’s not start off on the wrong foot yet.

A few go(ogle)d searches and found the following..

Summary of suggestions..

  • Patch firmware, drivers and BIOS
    • Possibly a BIOS vs. Hardware resource issue
  • Use HP memory specific to this model
    • Duh, why does HP have to be that picky
  • Use a HP array in lieu of the B110i on-board
    • HP P212 or P410 models?
  • Motherboard Rev C instead of A
    • Possibly, considering there are different revision makes you consider
  • New Motherboard
    • No warranty…
  • Power supply under powered
    • Possibly, however why drop out once in a while and not all the time
  • Disable Memory Interleaving
    • You lose half the memory as this won’t utilize both channels
  • Buy something else
    • I think this may be the answer

For me, I noticed improvement when I did the following. Meaning, failures once in a while vs. multiple times daily..

  • Patch firmware, drivers and BIOS
  • Use a HP array in lieu of the B110i on-board
    • HP P212

Preforming the above alone improved the machine dramatically.

Ilo responds, however it does not respond to any of the virtual power commands, screen is dead, which screams hardware issue. So I am still having to hard reset once in a while, now it’s just less frequent. And when the machine is under heavy load, i.e. CPU 100% for long period of time or a lot of network transfer, it has a 6TB RAID on the P212, it dies more frequently.

Strange enough the second server I received has not died once since initially booting. Considering the unstable machine is a secondary server I may look into this again one day, for now it’s on the list… Or just buy another one and use this one for possessed parts works too.


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