SharePoint 2013, InfoPath and External Data Connections

I will be brief today, busy day, however I wanted to get this one out there.

Here is the list…

Broken Infopath Form (You do not have permission to access a database that contains data required for this form the function correctly) – Check!
External Data Connection, SQL – Check!
SharePoint 2013 – Check!
Data Connection Library Created – Check!
Secure Store Service Application Setup –¬†Check!

I have run into this quite a few times. SharePoint 2013, Web Applications have kerberos enabled and the form¬†breaks. This usually doesn’t happen “just because” unless you have a residual form that someone found recently… Either way, it’s broken.

Find the UDCX file in the data connection library of the site the form resides in. Generally under site contents. Make a copy of it and edit, notepad works.

Here is the change that is needed.

Before. Uncomment and set the Application ID.

<!–udc:Authentication><udc:SSO AppId=” CredentialType=” /></udc:Authentication–>

After. Enter in the App ID and Cred Type.

<udc:Authentication><udc:SSO AppId=’InfoPathForms‘ CredentialType=’NTLM‘ /></udc:Authentication>

This has fixed it most of the time.