UniFi Access Point.. Go Home

I have a UniFi AP’s at home, two to be exact. It’s likely overkill, however I am in “IT” and I have to do everything overboard at home. Plus my plaster walls inside my house are terrible for wireless connectivity. I hard wire what I can, the remaining such as phones and tablets have no choice.

I will be forthright, I really like the system and it’s potential, it has some awesome features and some software bugs I have run into time to time. Hence the post…

I new router at home meant I was changing my IP scheme, relatively easy task once AD/DNS was flipped over. The problem I ran into was once the scheme changed the AP’s lost connectivity with the controller and POW! Wireless Down!

No worries, I thought, reboot, get DHCP, and they are back… No
No worries, I thought, reset to factory defaults, and they are back… No
No worries, … Damn these things were not coming back…

Aside from the factory resets using UniFi Discover to finding a small enough paper clip for resets, no dice. IĀ ended up using SSH and the UniFi default admin UN/PS to access the AP’s. Executing info gives me..

Status: Server Reject (


In troubleshooting I found that the controller was rejecting the AP’s. To fix, do the following in order.

  • Reset (each) AP to factory defaults
  • Remove (each) from the device section of the controller software/site
  • Run “set-inform” on one at a time
  • Within the device section of the controller, select adopt on the AP you ran the command on
  • Wait…
  • Magic

I found a few other posts on the issue, ranging from the obscure to strange. Mine was relatively simple and avoidable. Lesson learned, have putty handy at all times.

AP Firmware: